Disney’s Robin Hood – A Challenging Flapjack

Ooo-da-lally! Robin Hood was my favorite Disney movie as a kid, so I recently introduced it to my daughter and now she’s obsessed with it. Constant echoes of ¬†”Rah-in Hooood, Daddy?” Cutest thing ever. So, when she asked for some Robin Hood pancakes… I was all hopped up to oblige, but quickly realized that the main characters are friggin’ HARD to draw. I know that if I can’t draw them with a crayon… I’ve got zero chance on the skillet. So, I went with Toby the Turtle. She loves that little guy and he wasn’t all that hard.

As you can see, he was a two-parter. I did the head first and the shell second. One of them would’ve burned if I tried to do it all at once. I even made it quasi-3D by cutting a little slit in the turtle shell and sticking his neck in there. I forgot to snap photos of her reaction, but here she is, under the final product, in a post-pancake, milk-induced coma.

Also, I had to try to do Sir Hiss, one of my favorite characters. He’s the snake from Robin Hood, Prince John’s right hand ‘man’. Turned out incredibly¬†mediocre.

As always, she knew exactly who it was and loved it. Remember… your kids don’t care that you suck at art.

Long live King Richard!


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One Response to Disney’s Robin Hood – A Challenging Flapjack

  1. leila says:

    Awesome!! I worry about some of these Disney cartoons being lost on the younger generations, so kudos on passing it on! That said, if you made a Lady & the Tramp pancake I would be a fan for life :)

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