Kids May Not Know Mickey Mantle, But they Know the Number 7

Mickey Mantle was retired for ten years by the time I was born… but he was my Dad’s favorite player… therefore, he became my favorite as well. As I’ve grown up, I collected dozens of his baseball cards and know everything about the guy…the good and the bad. So, it seemed fitting to make my first jersey pancake The Mick. My daughter’s reaction to it was great. She grabbed it, held it up and yelled, “SEVVVVVEN!!!!” So cute.

Then she saw that the “7″ was gone, because she’d flipped the flapjack.¬†Hilarity¬†ensued.

“Daddy, where’d the 7 the go?”

“Daddy, can you please put the 7 back?”

“Daddddddy!!! Put it back!”

So I flipped it back over. Hero status achieved.


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