Pancakes For Clean Water


Hey friends! I know I haven’t updated The Pancake Dad in a very long time, but I’m still making pancakes every weekend for my kids, and now I’ve started a campaign for charity: water… Pancakes for Clean Water.


Here’s the gist of it… there are 663 MILLION people in this world living without clean water, and that’s ridiculous. Here’s how you can make a difference… for a donation of $100 (or more) – I will make you a pancake and 100% of that money will go toward charity: water’s clean water projects in developing countries. Please click the link above to read more. I can make your kids’ favorite cartoon characters, your favorite sports team logo, or your business logo. I will send you a photo and a time-lapse video of your pancake creation and promote it across multiple social media platforms.

Get creative! Here are some samples on my @thepancakedad instagram account.


The demand has been incredible and as of September 14th, we’ve already raised more than $8,000! That’s 267 people that will get clean water. That’s just amazing and I’m so thankful for everyone’s generosity. Keep the requests coming! Love you guys.


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