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Pancakes For Clean Water

Hey friends! I know I haven’t updated The Pancake Dad in a very long time, but I’m still making pancakes every weekend for my kids, and now I’ve started a campaign for charity: water… Pancakes for Clean Water. PLEASE CLICK HERE … Continue reading

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San Diego… Super Chargers

We’re huge Bolts fans in the Phelps household. It took me about two months to get Atley to stop yelling “MOON!” when she saw the Chargers logo. Now she yells, “BOLT!” like a good little girl. The conversion is complete, … Continue reading

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Clevah Girl…

If you get it… you’re smiling. If you don’t… I kinda feel bad for you. -bp

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Kids May Not Know Mickey Mantle, But they Know the Number 7

Mickey Mantle was retired for ten years by the time I was born… but he was my Dad’s favorite player… therefore, he became my favorite as well. As I’ve grown up, I collected dozens of his baseball cards and know … Continue reading

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An Olympic Morning of Pancakes…

I love the Olympics… so I made some rings for Atley this morning. The second I put them on her plate, she took them off… placed them on the table, breaking part of a ring. The photo above is her … Continue reading

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Pancake Art: A How-To Guide

That’s Elmo. It’s not a great pancake, but that’s lesson 1 in pancake art… sometimes the finished product doesn’t look so hot. So what. Your kid will still love it. This is my first attempt at a “how-to” blog. News … Continue reading

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The Pancake Dad… What an Awful Name for a Blog

My name’s Brady.  That’s my daughter Atley.  I’m just a normal dude with a regular job and a family that I love.  Sound familiar?  Most likely, since you’re here.  Atley is two and a half, and she loves pancakes. Me, … Continue reading

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